SEIU vs. America

Image from the SEIU website and data from the BLS. What more is there to say?



From Gary Shilling via John Mauldin:

  • “46 states are projecting a collective deficit of $121 billion for the 2011 fiscal year that begins next July 1, discount viagra cialis equivalent to 19% of their budgets. 39 states see gaps that total $102 billion for fiscal 2012.”
  • “Since the Great Recession started in December 2007 through April, viagra sales viagra private payroll employment has dropped 6.8%. Still, state and local jobs have declined but by much less, only 1.4%.”
  • The SEIU is a union of government workers. They don’t negotiate against management like any other union. They earn almost 50% more than the average American. And it is the average american who pays them – YOU.

    Let’s raise taxes!

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