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Big Government Big Problems

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Behind Door Number One, generic cialis cialis sale we have tickets to the fabulous “Suddenly Chavez” starring everybody’s favorite socialist, viagra ed President Hugo Chavez. Tell ‘em what they won, treatment Hugo!

“I call on the whole country: ‘Switch off the lights.’”

The wonders of state-owned enterprise and the fruits of socialism.


And, behind Door Number Two, we have tickets to D.C.’s very own “Global Warming on Ice” starring everybody’s not-so-closet socialist, President Barack Obama. Tell ‘em what they won, Barack!

Please excuse the interruption, President Obama had to stay home today because it was a snow day. He and the other 230,000 Federal employees working in Washington D.C. have the day off. Cost to you and me: $100 MILLION (for the day). I’ll save you the time of doing the math — that works out to about $90K average annual comp (before benefits and payroll taxes) per Federal employee.

Don’t Mind the Mann Behind the Curtain

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

We’re off to see the Wizard, generic cialis prescription the wonderful Wizard of Copenhagen….

Or not.

Canada’s most widely read newspaper, check The Globe and Mail, just put out a great recap of all the fabrications, exaggerations, stone-walling, and fear mongering collectively known as Global Warming. Whether you’re a believer or an infidel, you’ve got to read this. The truth is out there.

The Globe and Mail: “The great global warming collapse”

If after reading through the litany of deceit and deception reviewed by The Globe and Mail, you’re still clinging to Penn State’s Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” graph and suffering from Global Warming induced night terrors and sweats, read on.

Here’s Mr. Mann’s graph:

Global Warming Lies

The “hockey stick” is the black line that skyrockets up in the current time period at the right end of the graph. It is a different color (black) to signify that it comes from different data. IT IS NOT TREE RING DATA. It is data from thermometers. These same thermometers weren’t around before the black line starts. The graph is comparing apples to oranges. It is, to put it most accurately: bullshit. There are now many explanations of why this is so on the web. Here is one. And here is a link to an older post with more links for further explanation. With literally trillions of dollars and substantial amounts of our freedoms riding on potential responses to global warming, the truth is more than worth knowing.

Here’s Mr. Mann’s graph NOT on drugs:

Medieval Al Gore

Those medieval noblemen and their damn SUVs…. as another blogger writes, global warming is, indeed, MANN made.

Any questions?

Now you’ll note there are other differences between these two graphs. One, is the timeline. I believe there are also different methodologies and data sets between the two. I also believe there was more manipulation in the top graph, but, I haven’t gotten into it. Even so, the differences (other than the nefarious black line) prove the point that this whole climate science thing is light on the science. I for one am not about to forfeit global progress and global advancements in standards of living that tower over any the world has seen to-date based on an amalgamation of lies and junk science.

  • The world, is in fact NOT warming at alarming rates and NOT warmer than it’s been before.
  • Even IF the world were warming, humans are not a disease causing that warming.
  • Even IF the world were warming and humans were the cause, it is NOT proven that CO2 is the culprit.
  • Even IF the world were warming, humans were the cause, CO2 was the culprit, the consequences are NOT known.
  • Even IF the world were warming, humans were the cause, CO2 was the culprit, the consequences were known, the cost of the consequences have NOT been quantified.
  • Even IF the world were warming, humans were the cause, CO2 was the culprit, the consequences were known, the cost of the consequences was devastating, cap-tax-and-redistribute is NEITHER the only nor necessarily the correct solution AND the cost of such a scheme would have to be proven to be LESS THAN THE COST of doing nothing AND would have to be chosen by the free will of free people.

The global wealth redistribution scheme contemplated by the Copenhagen mob, by Hugo Chavez, by the man sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and by so many disillusioned and/or deceitful others is nothing more than just that – a scheme.

Bin Laden and Al Gore Agree

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Bin Laden just released a tape proclaiming his conversion to the Global Warming religion and holding the U.S. responsible for the destruction of the world. No joke. Here’s the article from the AP.

If the antics of the University of East Anglia, discount viagra nurse the fabrications in the UN’s IPCC 2007 report, buy viagra for sale laughable methodologies, patient data manipulation, and missing data behind global warming analysis doesn’t discredit this junk science, surely, an endorsement by Bin Laden will. Won’t it?

Global Warming Champion Hid Data and Broke the Law

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

The UK newspaper, cialis buy physician The Times, viagra canada physician reports that the UK university at the heart of Climategate, the University of East Anglia, has broken that country’s Freedom of Information Act by denying requests for information and by deleting the sought after information.

Remember, the University of East Anglia provided much of the information for the UN’s IPCC 2007 report that attempts to create a case for global warming and that helped create the current uproar about carbon emissions. In fact, University staff created one of global warming proselytizers’ most widely cited graphs — the one that shows a hockey stick curve of global temperatures skyrocketing to the moon. In a prior post, I shared the shocking fact that that graph – of GLOBAL temperatures – is based on analysis of a mere 12 trees, all from some Russian forest!

Read the article here.

Americans Won’t Trade Progress for Cap & Tax

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Even among those who don’t believe global warming is a fabrication, viagra sale decease a Pew Research poll shows that Americans value economic growth and progress more than addressing (phantom) global warming. The graph below shows that as economic growth has slowed, an increasingly overwhelming majority rank the economy as their top concern.

Should Congress ever pass a cap and tax regime, the resulting hundreds of billions extracted from the economy will likely create a considerable drag on economic growth in turn causing the same phenomenon illustrated in the graph below. This is proof positive that given the choice, even Americans who believe global warming would choose progress over cap and tax.

Read the full article here.

Poll Graph3

NOTE: 2009 real GDP growth as of first estimate for Q409.

NOAA Dropped 75% of Global Temperature Stations

Monday, January 25th, 2010

This pretty much says it all.


‘NOAA . . . systematically eliminated 75% of the world’s stations with a clear bias towards removing higher latitude, viagra buy unhealthy high altitude and rural locations, ampoule all of which had a tendency to be cooler, treatment ” the authors say. “The thermometers in a sense, marched towards the tropics, the sea, and to airport tarmacs.’

The result, they say, is a warmer-than-truthful global temperature record.


Read the article.

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

It’s been a banner week for freedom:

1) “Progressives” – more accurately and honestly, viagra sales treat “Socialists” – and the rest of the Democrat party had their historic loss of a Senate seat held since 1952.

2) Better still, cialis sales treat the winner of that seat pounded a wedge between his agenda for smaller government and the heretofore astray Republican agenda that developed – no, site festered – during the Neocon Bush years.

3) Nancy Pelosi ate the biggest, nastiest crow I’ve ever seen when she finally said, “In its present form without any changes I don’t think it’s possible to pass the Senate bill in the House.”

4) Howard Dean showed the world yet again that he’s a lunatic socialist.

5) The Supreme Court actually ruled in favor of freedom in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission finally giving all corporations and presumably other organizations the same right to free speech as media companies (e.g. NPR, MSNBC and Fox) and bands of Neo-Nazis.


And finally, to top it all off, we’ve got more news of lies and phony data on the global warming front. Being taken to task now is the infamous 2007 report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This is the report that global warming militants claim was signed by thousands of scientists, but was actually only signed by 25. It’s also the report that won the IPCC the Nobel Peace Prize (13 years after Yasser Arafat).

Pictured to the right is the head of the IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri.

The full article cites several more problems with the report, but is mostly about an oft repeated claim that the glaciers in the Himalayas will melt away to nothing by 2035. Turns out, that’s probably not true. Here are two of my favorite parts:

“But it emerged last week that the forecast [for the Himalayan glaciers melting by 2035] was based not on a consensus among climate change experts, but on a media interview with a single Indian glaciologist in 1999.”

Better still, Syed Hasnain, the Indian glaciologist, who was erroneously quoted as making the 2035 prediction, said, “There are many mistakes in it. It is a very poorly made report.”

Aaahhh… to dare to dream of Cap and Tax in a world of glaciers and just a bit more freedom than a socialist would like….

UPDATE: The IPCC author of the Asia chapter that cites Hasnain admits they included the bogus 2035 melting date not only knowing that it was most likely bogus but also with the intent manipulating world governments: “We thought that if we can highlight it, it will impact policy-makers and politicians and encourage them to take some concrete action.” Read the article.

Global Warming as Pushed by Obama, Al Gore, the IPCC, and CNN is a Lie

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009



begin quote

8 ) The IPCC theory is driven by just 60 scientists and favourable reviewers not the 4, best cialis capsule 000 usually cited.

19) A petition by scientists trying to tell the world that the political and media portrayal of global warming is false was put forward in the Heidelberg Appeal in 1992. Today, view more than 4, ailment 000 signatories, including 72 Nobel Prize winners, from 106 countries have signed it.

67) Global temperatures have not risen in any statistically-significant sense for 15 years and have actually been falling for nine years. The “Climate-gate” scandal revealed a scientific team had expressed dismay at the fact global warming was contrary to their predictions and admitted their inability to explain it was “a travesty”.

91) The accepted global average temperature statistics used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change show that no ground-based warming has occurred since 1998.

98) The Leipzig Declaration in 1996, was signed by 110 scientists who said: “We – along with many of our fellow citizens – are apprehensive about the climate treaty conference scheduled for Kyoto, Japan, in December 1997” and “based on all the evidence available to us, we cannot subscribe to the politically inspired world view that envisages climate catastrophes and calls for hasty actions.”

99) A US Oregon Petition Project stated “We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind. There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of CO2, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.

end quote

Remember, John Holdren, Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology says: Human activity is “beyond any reasonable doubt” the primary cause of warming temperatures. I hope Holdren’s definition of “reasonable doubt” never becomes the standard for our justice system.

Al Gore and climate scientists

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Al Gore at Copenhagen:

“Some of the models suggest to Dr [Wieslav] Maslowski that there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, cialis sale medicine during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.”

Dr. Wieslav Maslowski (expert from US Naval Postgraduate School whom Gore cited in the above quote):

“It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at. I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this.”

Richard Lindzen (climate scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who does not believe that global warming is largely caused by man):

“[Dr Maslowski] just extrapolated from 2007, when there was a big retreat, and got zero.”

See more at Inconvenient truth for Al Gore as his North Pole sums don’t add up.

For the record, it seems that Richard Lindzen is a bona fide climate scientist (Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT) from an institution at least as prestigious (sarcasm) as the University of East Anglia who is apparently NOT amongst those in “universal agreement” in the “scientific community” that global warming exists or is caused by carbon or humans.

Obama on Climategate: Quick, before it’s too late, take control of global production

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

There’s been tons of coverage of proof of falsified data pushed by University of East Anglia’s Keith Briffa and Pennsylvania State University’s Michael Mann both instrumental in the global warming stance taken by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The Obama administration’s response to all this, tadalafil cure according to the WSJ: Obama Science Adviser Urges Climate Action Amid Uproar

Specifically, site WSJ reports that John Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology says:

Human activity is “beyond any reasonable doubt” the primary cause of warming temperatures.

It would seem that there is more than just reasonable doubt.

Climate researcher Steve McIntyre has 7000 posts on his blog Climate Audit that identify specifics of falsified data, including Briffa’s famed “tree ring” analysis that “proves” climate change. Here’s a link to a post where McIntyre explains what Briffa meant in one of the uncovered emails. A highlight: “In the IPCC Third and Fourth Assessment Reports, IPCC ‘hid the decline’ by simply deleting the post-1960 values of the troublesome Briffa reconstruction.”

In November, the WSJ covered McIntyre, excerpt:

“At least until Mr. McIntyre reported that the modern portion of [Briffa's famous tree] graph, which shows temperatures appearing to skyrocket in the last 100 years, relies on just 12 tree cores in Russia’s Yamal region. When Mr. McIntyre presented a second graph, adding data from 34 tree cores from a nearby site, the temperature spike disappears.”

Of course, another problem for the IPCC is that global temperatures are flat – no change at all – for the past 10 years.

Unbeknownst to me until this year (ignorance or naivete is bliss), global warming was apparently nothing more than a deliberately fabricated socialist scheme. A scheme that at worst had the aim to scare the world into turning over control of production to governments, or at best to manifest the most pervasive and insidious tax increase the country has ever seen.